Legal design for the EaPO

Use of legal design tools to create clear informational content about the procedure of eurasian patenting

Optimize informational documents about Eurasian patenting using a legal design approach to post them on the official website
Informational content about eurasian patenting is complicated for inexperienced users
The LegalPics team created content about eurasian patenting for the applicants. Also, we developed two informational blocks focused on the advantages of the eurasian patenting and steps need to be done to receive a eurasian patent. We have changed the original texts, made them easier to understand, used the infographics and design elements to build the structure in the content.
It is necessary to speak the same language with the applicants and provide all the required content about the system of eurasian patenting. Legal design tools can help to solve these tasks.
We are satisfied with the result of the work and are going to integrate a legal design approach into document preparation.
Eurasian Patent Organization
The main task of the EAPO is to accept applications and grant Eurasian patents valid on the territory of the member states of the Eurasian Patent License
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