Mobile innovative mini-cluster for creative community development

The project is aimed to stimulate regional creative community development, train participants in methods and approaches for creating and scaling new creative products
Help regional teams promote creative projects, develop entrepreneurial activity, train the local business community to work with intellectual property as the main tool for monetization of creativity
The Skolkovo Innovation Center, the LegalPics company and the scientific and educational center of intellectual property and digital economy Digital IP launched the first mobile innovative cluster to activate the entrepreneurial and creative community in Ivanovo, Russia. The program included parts of learning, networking and developing creativity.
We create space to learn rich educational program which contains information on developing creating products from idea to presentation, investment pitch, search for partners, collaborations and protection of intellectual property rights
Each person has an individuality and creativity. We want to help commercialize the results that can be a game in childhood, then become a hobby and, in adulthood, a means of earning money
Chairman of the Board of the Skolkovo Foundation
Igor Drozdov
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