IP Eurasia'22 Conference

The first annual international conference on intellectual property and technology "IP Eurasia'22: Innovation Space"

Develop the concept of the event (mission, location, naming, project of the programme), design (identity, graphical elements) and supply PR support of the event (selection of the media partners, media content, media accreditation)
Preparation for the large international conference required to involve specialists and experts from different areas to hold the event successfully.
The LegalPics team created a name, a tagline of the conference and the crucial messages. Also, we supplied the informational support of the organizing committee to select and design the location, coordinate the activities and with general event management. In terms of PR support we developed the layout of the web site and visual content for social media, announced the event in mass media, involved 9 informational partners and accredited correspondents of the federal and sectoral media. The conference was followed by the publications in major media.
Management of the large event requires being ready to work in 24/7 mode and find solution options considering changing circumstances. Skill mix in the team and coherence in work allows to prepare and manage a high-level event.
IP Eurasia'22: Innovation Space Conference is a great start of the annual events of the same format. We thank the LegalPics team for their competence and expertise in the wide area of the issues of the conference management.
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