Brand Book of the EAPO

The system of visual communication of the Eurasian Patent Office of the Eurasian Patent Organization

The target was to create a full pack of the design materials that would emphasize the mission and the activity area of the EAPO. The objects are supposed to be used on the web site, in presentations, in the media & all the internal and external communications.
No system of corporate identity of the EAPO required for the public image of the organization in its interaction with the target audiences.
The brand book contains the graphic objects and recommendations on the use. The LegalPics team has developed the identity features (logo, font, corporate colors), the print and promo products options, visual identity in the digital, unique 3D objects. The objects are created according to the main criteria: manufacturability, uniqueness, the connection with the inventions prototyping. The objects expose the EAPO as a large complicatedly-structured system connected with a wide variety of innovations. Also, the objects highlight focus on technology and promising areas of the future.
Branding helps in communication with internal and external users. This tool allows to make the EAPO more recognisable, state the positioning and create a required public image in the professional community.
We wanted to state the vision and the nature of the EAPO in graphic objects, and receive the tool for design. The LegalPics team managed to build the system of visual communication comfortable in use for staff and efficient to achieve our goals.
Eurasian Patent Organization
The main task of the EAPO is to accept applications and grant Eurasian patents valid on the territory of the member states of the Eurasian Patent License
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